Sunday, June 23


Its  long time not blogging. Well busy dengan life. cewaah. busy  ke ?
Well, sekarang dah berjauhan dengan Ummi dengan Abah. First time in my life finally i have to stand by my own feet. 

Guess now, everything I have to handle by myself. hurm. well. need to learn a lot of new thing :)
And very sadness thing is, this year fasting without family ;'(

Raya I will come back my hometown. 



apa pun sekarang nie. ada aral melintang ke haper, aku akan tempuhi dengan tabah !


Sunday, December 2

3 December 2012 #start new beginning of employee
Take a deep breath. Inhaled Exhaled ! Said loudly ' I CAN DO ! '

Belle Boleh. Belle Boleh. Belle Boleh. Belle Boleh 

#gambar di ambil masa study malam2. Ajeef memang suka teman orang :D

Rindu sangat :(
Semoga Sihat-Sihat selalu !

Friday, November 30

Alhamdulilah. Doa Umi untuk Angah :)

Finally, the times is come, be prepared Belle :D
Happy Works   !       

Everyday is a short day.
Day by day the time fly so quick.
I'm not requesting it but, it seems like time so jealous into me.

And now. I have to changed.
Changed for own good sake.
Not for you. For me.

Now I'm standing for the weird planet.
I have to wake up and be strong to face all the new thing in my life now.
Discovering quiet so cool with me now.
Still watching. Still learning. Still stand up. Still survive
For   L I V E S.

Yeah, that new about me.

Start search something new, and fresh for my own hope and


today i woke up to face the coolest world. And I almost at to begun 

and I miss my UMI so much :'( she the superwoman ! Good Night Umi. Salam ~