Monday, September 10

Fly Mira to UK :(

We're having a good time together before she left from Malaysia

At this moment i wanna cry, but i dont want show to her that im crying :(
So sad actually. but its okey. She will happy there. Selamat Maju Jaya Mira ;D
Im gonna miss you here. Thanks For Everything

with all friends that sending off her.

Mimi cannot stand anymore.

Farewell Mira :) Hope To see you soon yaw. 
So glad that you reached out some of your ambitions to study abroad :D
Dont forget to skyping me when you're already there key :)
Bye Mira and send my regards to University of Northampton
Hey ! Take a picture then send to mee ! 
Hee :)

Iloveyou Mira 

Thursday, September 6

Because I hate It !

I hate how you’ve stayed.

I hate how I cry.

I hate how you make me smile.

I hate how I miss you.

I hate how I feel.

I hate how it hurts.

I hate that it’s my fault.

I hate that it’s yours.

I hate that I can’t be around you.

I hate how I’ve lost you.

I hate how I’ve found out who you really are.

I hate that I can’t tell you any of this.

But most of all,
I hate how I can’t hate you,
Not even a little.

I hate how I still love you ♥