Wednesday, April 20

baruku tahu erti susah

assalamuailaikum ...

hye girlfriend seme pe khabar ? agak2 sihatla yow ..

you all tahu belle dapat cuti !! WAHAH!!,

memang heaven gila laa . KPM belle air ta da , so sad .

kalu ta mesti da minggu test n assingment menghempap belle

yelah final around the conner jea kot .. :(

wish me ," do the best" ~AMIN~

yang paling ta tahan kan , we all seme kat kolej ta mandi . petang yang stat ta da air uh .

masing2 busuk kot , tapi belle ?

aish ta yah ckp pom da tahu .. mestila wangi HAHA !! (PERASAN LEBEY)

anyway tujuan mengepost ari neh na , just na gitahu jela yang .

baru belle realized that , water is very useful right? when we just ignore advantages

of this need . we take not serious at much .
aren't you ?

it same goes to me .. yeahh ..

when the water not left as i tough , i been so crazy ..

even i want get a pee .. i need to hold it .. HAHAH!!, can u imagine

how i suffer that situation?

erghhh !!, i seen like depressing you no ?

but then this is the needs of live . yess ..

so im just want to share to all of you that, dont ever waste our needs .

because is very important in our life ..

so bear it in your mind ..


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